The "Cascade Effect" of Bankruptcy


Being a general practice attorney gives me the opportunity to see many facets of the practice of law.  One sad but true realism is that people contemplating a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy with me often have other problems; be they criminal, civil, or domestic.

In these difficult economic times, families often have legal problems other than financial woes.  A family member might have committed a criminal offense, another might be suing someone, or more likely be getting sued themselves.  The family home might be in foreclosure or they might be going through a divorce.  I have seen cases where tragically they all happen at once.

In the coming weeks I will be investigating this problem and providing some tips as to how to prioritize and deal with what seems to be a “cascading effect” of legal problems.  The simple answer is to organize, divide, and conquer.  The law happens in deliberate ways, but one dealing with these problems must be prepared to act, or have a good attorney to do that for them.

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