The Connection Between Hearing and Health


As with our other senses, hearing is something we often take for granted — that is, until we start to lose the ability to hear well. It’s often difficult to cope with an untreated hearing loss, and people sometimes try to cover it up as though they should somehow be ashamed that they have a problem hearing. Part of the reason for this may have to do with denial about aging, since many hearing problems come with advancing age. But did you know that there’s also a connection between hearing and your overall health? It’s true. Hearing loss can and often does lead to physical and psychological health problems such as fatigue, tension, irritability and depression, reduced alertness leading to reduced personal safety, impaired memory, withdrawal from social situations which can lead to isolation and loneliness.

An inability to hear properly can also affect your stability when walking and your overall sense of balance. Why does this happen? The ear is a very complex organ which is responsible for processing sound signals and sending them to the brain, while at the same time hosting the vestibular system. A person’s vestibular system is a sensory system that is the main contributor to your sense of balance and spatial orientation. Working with the cochlea (a part of the auditory system), it encompasses what’s known as the labyrinth of the inner ear, which is in the vestibulum of the inner ear. The vestibular system sends signals to the parts of the brain that control eye movements, and to the muscles that keep you upright. So without getting overly scientific, there’s a connection between your hearing and the overall ability of your ear to perform as it’s intended to when it comes to orienting you in space and keeping you balanced.

There’s no reason to be ashamed of hearing loss. Take steps to correct your hearing loss so that you can stop having to “cover up” the problem and so that you’ll feel your best mentally and physically. We’re Hearing Professionals, and we can help. We’ve got three locations in Celina, Sidney and Troy, Ohio. Contact us today and get back to hearing clearly and feeling well and confident!



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