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The Effects of Lacking Natural Light

Spending time outside is good for your health. Everyone knows that you get vitamin D from the sun. You don’t get that from artificial light inside of a building. Unfortunately, we all have to work, and children have to go to school for a significant part of the day. To make matters worse, the lighting isn’t usually the best. It is often very unnatural, lacking natural light.

As winter approaches, getting outside becomes even harder. You may be lucky if you get home before the sun goes down. As the days get shorter, you might not have a chance to get outside at all, unless you are running to and from your car. Though you may not think about it, this can really affect your health. Here are some effects that you may notice due to lacking natural light.

Many people suffer from depression due to the lack of sunlight in the winter.

Depression in the winter is so common that it has a name. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is categorized by mood swings, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts.

Unfortunately, women are more likely to develop this disease than men. It is most common in people between the ages of eighteen and thirty. Older people over sixty years old rarely have it.

However, this can occur at any time of the year due to lack of sunlight.

Many people don’t get outside enough (or get enough natural light) all year long. This has been shown to lead to depression, which can last all year long.

It is so common that psychiatrists tell their patients to try to spend at least a half an hour outside in the sun every day as a prevention. It can also help to treat the disease.

Natural light also helps with your sleep.

In fact, in companies with windows, workers sleep almost an extra hour than those that don’t have any windows. Their sleep is also better, so they wake up refreshed and ready for their day.

Natural lighting is essential for a normal sleep-wake cycle.

A study done by the Cleveland Clinic’s Nursing Institute showed that patients in the hospital struggle with a normal sleep-wake cycle due to lacking natural light.

They noted that the patients didn’t sleep well, waking up multiple times a night. In fact, they only got an average of four hours of sleep every night.

Using too much electronics at night can also affect your sleep.

The light from the screens of your electronics can really cause problems with your sleep. People who use their electronics at night often are more restless. They often suffer from insomnia because the light messes with your internal clock (which tells you when you should be going to sleep).

It can also affect the health of your eyes.

Using your electronics (especially in a dark room) can cause a strain on your eyes. If you regularly use your electronics and strain your eyes, you could do some serious damage to your eyes. It is much better to use your electronics in a bright location.

Since people who are lacking natural light don’t sleep as well, it can leave a person feeling fatigued and exhausted.

They aren’t able to perform as well as people who get enough natural sunlight. They may make mistakes, some which could cause injury.

It affects children too. They aren’t able to learn as much in school as they could if they were getting enough sleep. Some children are so tired that they fall asleep in school, so they don’t learn anything.

Natural light is essential for your immune system.

Your immune system is delicate. You need to get enough natural light so that you sleep well every night in order to have a healthy immune system.

If your immune system isn’t working as good as it should, you are going to struggle with illness. Not only are you going to get sick more often, but your body is also going to struggle to fight any diseases. This means that you will be sick longer than if your immune system was working properly.

When your immune system isn’t the best, you are going to miss more days of school and work because you aren’t feeling well.

Natural light is necessary for good eye development in children.

Children who spend plenty of time outside are less likely to be nearsighted because they need natural light for the development of their eyes. This should be a good enough reason to take your children outside.

Lacking natural light can cause obesity.

Both Vitamin D and Nitric Oxide are needed by the body to help to regulate your metabolism. Nitric Oxide is also important to help to discourage overeating, which also helps to prevent obesity.

Though you might not be able to change the lighting at your office, it is important for your health that you try to get as much natural lighting as possible. Taking a walk outside during your lunch break could make a big difference.

You may notice that you are sleeping better, which can really affect your whole life. You will wake up refreshed and ready for whatever the day brings! You are going to be able to do your job better. Your mood is going to be improved, and you might find yourself in a stronger relationship.

Not only will your immune system be better, you have less of a chance of being obese. You need Vitamin D and Nitric Oxide to help to maintain your metabolism. Your whole life could change for the better. Natural light is necessary for a good life. Lacking natural light, you won’t see these extremely positive benefits.

If you are really struggling due to lack of natural lighting, you should contact us. We would be glad to help you see how our light diffusers can counteract the effects that you might be feeling from the lack of natural light. We know that they aren’t the same thing as natural light, but they definitely provide the feel of it. Afterward, you might wonder why you didn’t call us sooner!


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