While my journalistic career began in Tipp City with the ‘Independent Voice’ and currently continues as a writer for the ‘Sunday Record Herald‘ I hope that it will eventually expand more globally.

One such opportunity that I’m exploring is with the Examiner.com, a website for which writers from cities all over the U.S cover different topics of interest related to their community. For the site, I cover the Performing Arts in Dayton and promote a wide range of local events; including live musical acts, comedians, theater and more.

I have always enjoyed the opportunity to cover entertainment and when left with no other opportunities to do so I was thankful to come across the Examiner. There are one to three new articles posted every week, and I will try to feature all of the most popular acts coming to Dayton and write an enjoyable article no matter if its subject is of interest to the reader.

While my work for the Examiner is very personally fulfilling, it’s monetary rewards is determined only by the attention brought to the site. For each visitor that reads one of my articles or any other on the Examiner I get what averages out to be a penny.

So it’s my hope to gain some support from those in Tipp City who have enjoyed my writings to follow me on the Examiner and help to further my career. You can find me on the Examiner.com at http://www.examiner.com/x-23033-Dayton-Performing-Arts-Examiner?showbio