Census of Old

The first time I learned about The Census was when I was 5 years old and I was being instructed by the nuns at Sacred Heart about the story of Mary and Joseph (according to Luke). They explained to me that beginning in the time of Quirinius, Caesar Augustus  decreed that every person in the known world would be taxed. In order to carry out such taxing, each man would have to travel with his family to the land from which he came. Being from the House of David, Joseph had to travel quite a ways from Galilee through Nazareth, then in to Judea and finally into Bethlehem. Of course, this journey was not taken lightly as Mary to whom Joseph was espoused was with Child.

The New Census

So, it has been more than 2,000 years since Joseph and Mary made the trek to Bethlehem to be counted and then to pay their tax. This month, everyone should have received their Census in the mailbox. It will look a bit like this:

Please note that there is a comment on there “Your Response is Required By Law” on the front of the envelope. While the prosecution and punishment of Roman times (flogging) probably won’t be used, it would be good if you complied with the wishes of The Government. I find it fascinating how far we have come in 2,000 years. My wife is also heavily laden with child and I would hate to have to borrow a donkey from Fulton Farms and walk from Tipp City to Washington, DC to be counted (and taxed). Thankfully, our Government has made it incredibly easy for us to comply. They mailed it to each and every one of us, we complete it, and then mail it back in a postage paid envelope.


Please remember to complete and return your Census paperwork. It is an important part of business to make sure that we understand Who lives in Tipp City. It helps our government officials find funding for us, ensure that their projections for services are correct and allows our Democratic political system to ensure all voices are heard with equivalence. And I thank the nuns for their good work.