As years go by and I get older the reasons for being excited over Christmas change. I used to not be able to sleep the night before Christmas because I was so anxious to open the gifts and now I require my 8 hours before unwrapping my new pair of socks. The thrill of a snow covered ground is now replaced by the dtead a sore back from shoveling. And the luster of decorating the tree is dimmed by the struggle of untangling all the lights.

Now don’t misunderstand, I’m not a Scrooge. I still take delight in the many good tidings of comfort and joy during the Christmas season, they have just been altered. For the past two years I have not counted down the days until the annual airing of Rudolph (or even the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, which interestingly was on right after), but instead my anxiety reserved for getting to hear Dustin Farris sing “O’ Holy Night” at La Comedia.

A highlight of my holiday season, has become hearing the soul stirring rendition of the classic hymn sang by Farris. Every note is hit to perfection, creating a most blessed sound that resonates within your entire being. It’s such a splendid gift that by the end I felt the same as when I was 10 years old and got my first bike without training wheels!!!

It was last Christmas when I first heard Farris sing “O’ Holy Night’ and by around June I started looking forward to this years holiday show, in hopes that he would be back. There are certain moments in music history that stand out above all others; such as when Michael Jackson first did the Moonwalk, The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and of course, mmmmbob by Hanson. For me, hearing Farris sing my favorite carol is now atop that list.

Furthermore, the singing of “O’ Holy Night,” is just a bonus, added on after the performance of a full length stage production. The show is ‘A Christmas Carol,’ and it’s a top notch production, but in my mind it’s just the opening act for the main event. It made no difference what was on the playbill, I was going for the sole purpose to hear Farris, and for the sweet potato soufflé, plus the papaya chutney salad dressing and the Norwegian Cod and…well, for the food AND to hear Farris.

Truth be told, as great as ‘A Christmas Carol,” is, “O’ Holy Night” sang by Dustin Farris is worth the price of admission alone. I guarantee that you will leave La Comedia with a thankfulness for having come and heard his rendition. And don’t just take my word for it, just the other day a woman who lives down the street went and her exact words were, “The guy who sings ‘Holy Night,’ is worth the price of admission.” You’ll be saying the same thing.

Give yourself a present of some extra Christmas excitement and visit La Comedia. ‘A Christmas Carol,’ featuring “O’ Holy Night,’ by Dustin Fariss will continue through December 31.