What’s all the racket about The Racketeer by John Grisham?  Well, another legal thriller is what it is! It’s hard to believe that this is John Grisham’s 30th book! I have always enjoyed reading John Grisham’s books.  I enjoy his books even more when they cause me to research legal terms or talk with my prosecutor father about the legal definition of “racketeering”.

So what if you were a lawyer who was put in prison for an offense that didn’t seem to be that bad – i.e. you got caught up with something bad someone else was doing?  The crime was a non-violet crime that some would say doesn’t justify imprisonment. Would you help other inmates with their legal problems?  Would you find out information while listening to other inmates that could help you get out of prison?

In The Racketeer we learn about Rule 35.  Rule 35 is a Federal Criminal Rule that allows a federal inmate a “get out of jail free card”.  Federal inmates can get their sentence reduced by cooperating with the government by helping the government investigate or prosecute someone else…..and Malcolm Bannister does just that….He is The Racketeer!

See if you can figure out what “racketeering” means….

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I’ll wait a bit to write my reviews so you can enjoy these books J