Tip-Top Canning Plans Expansion


From the Tipp Independent Voice:

Officials at Tip-Top Canning have announced plans to expand the company’s warehouse facility at 505 S. Second Street. The project will add approximately 50,000 square feet of floor space to the facility, and will also include the installation of additional truck docks. “It’s strictly warehousing,” Tip-Top Production Manager Matt Timmer said last week. “Right now we have about 150,000 square feet under roof, in warehousing and production.”

As Timmer explained, the cannery has been in his family for four generations, and was originally purchased from William Buckles in 1924. “It was my grandfather’s father that purchased it,” he said. “I’ve heard that one of the original parts of the building was a sugar producer at one time, but that was before we owned it.”


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