Currently under construction, the Miami County Bike Trail will be a north-south paved biking trail that will stretch the length of Miami County, allowing bikers, hikers and walkers to follow the path of the Great Miami River and Miami and Erie Canal. Starting at the Shelby county line, it will run south through the towns of Piqua, Troy and Tipp City before meeting up with the Montgomery County portion just south of Tipp City. The Tipp City portion of the trail is made up of three sections:

  • The first stage, which was completed in July 2005, runs from Main Street at the Canal Lock Park, north past the new Aquatic Center, west of the baseball fields, then meanders along the river before ending at the Nature Center on North Third Street. For more information and photos of the trail, click here.
  • A second segment will run north from the Nature Center to the southern end of the Troy Trail, which currently ends about 1/2 mile north of Tipp-Croswell Road. This portion of the trail is funded and construction is set to begin in 2007. Monroe Township is the sponsor for this trail section, and the lead agency is Five Rivers MetroParks.
  • A third segment, due to begin construction in 2007-2008, will run south from Main Street, connect with the existing bike trail in Kyle Park, and run south along the eastern side of Canal Road before connecting with the Montgomery County trail at Ross Road. There is currently a parking lot here that allows access and convenient parking to the Montgomery Trail, which runs through Huber Heights, under I-70, and south to Needmore Road. Eventually, the Montgomery Trail will lead to the Triangle Park area in northern Dayton. When these sections are completed, bikers will be able to travel all the way from Tipp City to downtown Dayton via bike path, and Tipp City may experience an increase in bike-based tourism.

For more information on biking in Tipp City, visit the excellent and informative website for our local bike shop, Tipp Cyclery. And more information on the trail construction and other general information, visit the Miami Conservancy District or Tour Great Miami.In addition, there was an article published by the Dayton Daily News on July 6, 2006 about the trails. As most of the trails are being constructed pending outside funding, no guarantees can be made about their respective schedules.