News from Tipp City Utilities

Tipp City is preparing for the replacement of water and electric meters throughout our service area.  
All of our customers will be getting new meters.  Deployment in the first area will begin in late February or early March with the rest of the replacements following in May through September.  With the installation of the new meters and the extension of our fiber system your meters will no longer be manually read.  The new system will operate more efficiently using a wireless two way communication system to communicate information from the meter to the Government Center and back to the meter.  This will provide greater efficiencies and better customer service by providing up-to-date meter readings, assisting with electric outage notification, and providing water leak detection technologies.

The City of Tipp City has hired a private contractor, Professional Meters, Inc to replace the old meters.  Because separate crews will be installing the electric and water meters they will most likely be replaced at different times.  You will receive a postcard approximately two to four weeks before the water and electric meter replacement.  Meter installations will take place Monday – Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm and Saturdays between 8:00am and noon.  You may not need to be home for the electric meter replacements so long as the installer has unobstructed access to the existing meter but because most water meters are located within structures appointments will need to be set for those replacements.  All installers will wear uniforms and carry picture identification badges as well as drive a vehicle with a Profession Meters, Inc company logo.  It will take about 30 minutes for the meter replacements.  Following the electric meter replacementsyou may need to reset some digital devises.  After the water meter is replaced, you may notice a sputtering sound the first time that you operate a fixture.  It is recommended that you turn on an outdoor faucet or your bath tub and let water run for approximately one minute.  This will remove any air in your water line, which can cause cloudy water or sputtering.


Read the FAQ or Check out the Map of the Pilot area

Contact the Utility Billing office at 937-667-8424 or Christy Butera, Assistant Utility Director at 937-667-6305 should you have additional questions about this project.