By: Kathy McDermott Goodman

MiltonNews DAILY Editor

To be printed in the Weekly Record Herald on Friday, March 18, 2011

WBDT-TV is in the final phase of looking for their first Dayton’s CW Star. Twenty-four semi-finalists were originally chosen and people voted for them from February 7 to February 20. From that process the ten current finalists were selected. One finalist is Tipp City resident Ginger Hubbs. Unable to attend the open auditions held at Club 55 in Troy due to the flu, she made her way to the auditions held at The Funny Bone and was given one minute to promote herself. As a result she became a semi-finalist.

Ginger then received a call during the ice storm in February, informing her that she was now one of the finalists. Since then she has received a make-over, where they “chopped off 8 inches of my hair,” and was also a part of a flash mob at Sinclair Community College as part of the assignments she has been given for the competition. She is enjoying every new experience and wants to be seen as “the person that is easy to get along with.”

Although she has only lived in Tipp City for about 4 years, Ginger says it “seems like home now” and she hopes to be chosen as The CW Star so she can proudly represent her city. She grew up near Columbia, South Carolina and has done a lot of traveling because she is involved in the theater. She decided to move to Ohio to be with her boyfriend, a pilot.

Her love for Tipp City when she was walking around town daily to train for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure in Tampa Bay. Ginger walked along with her mother and around 2,000 other participants on October 28, 29 and 30, 2010. One of the reasons she wants to be The CW Star is to be able to help raise awareness for breast cancer. Her grandmother passed away from the disease and recently a friend from her hometown did as well.

Training for the 3-day walk was not an easy task and taught Ginger a lot of little things about herself that she will carry around forever. It helped to show her how the little things in life, the little mole hills that we tend to make into mountains, as well as the daily nuisances, simply don’t matter. That is a message she wants to share as the face of Dayton’s CW: Forget the little things. Focus on what is truly important and don’t let the little things get in your way.

At 37, Ginger is one of the oldest participants in the contest. But she is a prime example is of age being just a number. “It takes forever to grow young,” she says, quoting Picasso. Her youthful spirit and vibrant energy is contagious to those around her and would most certainly be a great asset to Dayton’s CW.

To vote for Ginger, visit and click on the link at the top of the page. You can then click on Ginger’s promotional video and watch it in it’s entirety. Each complete viewing is counted as one vote. Voters can watch a video as many times as they like. The judges will also be looking at how many different URL addresses view Ginger’s video and will take that into consideration as well. So be sure to share the link with your family and friends.

Following are some pictures taken during the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure in Tampa Bay.