Attorney and City Councilman Joe Gibson spoke at the December 7, 2011 Tipp City Rotary meeting about the current unrest in the Middle East. He discussed how his involvement in the Rotary’s Group Study Exchange Program led to his visiting Egypt in 1991, meeting his wife Sonia and eventually marrying her. He and Sonia have traveled there extensively, and Sonia was trapped in Egypt during the January 2011 overthrow of leader Hosni Mubarak.  He reviewed the causes of the revolution, and what the situation was like with Sonia having a front row seat in the protests, violence and aftermath.  He noted how Egypt’s revolution was similar to the “Occupy” movements in the U.S. and how it used social media in ways other protests in the past have not.  Pictured are Program Chairperson Steve Gellatly (left) and Joe Gibson.