The Tipp City Rotary Club met at Gale Halderman’s Barn Museum on June 27.  Gale started with the Ford Motor Company Design Department in 1954 and worked for them for 40 years.  During his last 25 years with he was the Director of Design.  In July of 1962 he produced the concept sketch of the original Mustang, which first rolled off the production line in mid-1964.  In 1964 23,000 Mustangs were sold at a cost of $2,368 each.  Gale regaled the Rotarians with his stories about the Ford Motor Company, Mr. Ford, & Lee Iacocca.  The Rotarians then toured the museum.  Pictured are program Chairperson Dave Grim and Gale Halderman standing next to a 1964 ½ Ford Mustang.