ClipShopShare, a non-profit organization dedicated to stocking food pantries and shelters while teaching money saving techniques and coupon coaching, presented at the Tipp City Rotary on Wednesday, July 6th. The speakers were Carli Amlin Dean and Chris Long, both volunteers that co-founded this ministry with Kim & John Wilder and Kimberly Brumbaugh. ClipShopShare has been running for 18 months and they have donated almost $50,000 in food, toiletries and household supplies for less than $400 out of pocket. ClipShopShare does this through pairing a store sale with a manufacture coupon. They also teach FREE coupon coaching the 1st Wednesday of the month AND during July and August there will be additional FREE classes. Please visit their site at for details of classes and the deals/sales in your area. Pictured left to right are Carli Amlin, Chris Long, and Program Chairperson Sue Amlin.