After the unofficial results of the levy were tallied last night, residents in Tipp City discovered that the school levy failed by nearly a 2:1 margin. School board members met this morning to discuss placing the levy on the November ballot. The board had to come to a decision on this matter prior to a 4:00PM deadline set by the state board of elections.

Voter Results – Tipp City
The unofficial results from last night were 63% (2365) Against and 37% (1372) For the levy.

All board members expressed disappointment in the levy not passing, and there was some discussion as to the large percentage of No voters. Finally, the motion was made to place a new, smaller and shorter levy on the ballot in November. This new levy would only provide the district with money for 3 years instead of 5, and would cost a home owner approximately $199/year for every $100,000 in assessed home valuation, a net saving to tax payers of about $44/year.

The vote was 3/2 against, so the motion to place another levy on the ballot in November failed. What this means to Tipp City Schools is that all of the cuts identified, will be instituted for the 2013 school year.

Other Local Districts

Bethel – Both levies passed
Vandalia/Butler – Levy Failed