From the Dayton Daily News:

Tipp City has banned all purpose vehicles, off-highway motorcycles and snowmobiles from residential properties of less than three acres. The ban, approved Monday, May 19, gives police a tool for dealing with calls about noise and dust, city officials said.

An exemption allows using the vehicles for an agricultural or utility-type purpose such as plowing snow, cutting grass or pulling attachments. The vote was 5-1.

The council has been looking at possible regulations for several months. The original proposal would have banned the vehicles on residential properties of five acres or less. The proposal was drawn up following complaints last summer from the Windmere subdivision about off-road vehicles causing noise, fumes and dust.

Council President Pat Hale voted against the ordinance, saying he found no evidence of a problem that required making a new law. As far as he can tell, only one person complained about the vehicles, he said. “It’s not something we’re really having a problem with in the community,” Hale said.