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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas was great at the Enslens—we had Sam’s aunt and uncle in from New York City and enjoyed several days of decadent meals, gift exchanges, and just hanging out. I was the happy recipient of both a copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and a sweet blue lava lamp for my office. Sam got books and one of those make-your-own charm bracelets they carry at Hapinstance. Xander got Hex Bugs, and Anna and Katie got Zoobles, so all was right with the world.

New Year’s was a blast as we partied at my friend Diana’s house to celebrate the New Year. I made chili, which seemed to be a big hit, and we all hung out and played with kids and swapped stories while we waited for the big ball to drop. Thanks to our gracious hosts for having us over—it was a privilege, counting down the New Year with you.

We also made a conscious decision this year to put the Christmas decorations up early and leave them up late, so the tree and all of our Santas and pine trees are still out and about. I’m not in any hurry to pack away all our decorations just yet—it seems that the Christmas season comes and goes so fast already. Why hurry it along?

Sam decided this year that her business, Dragonfly Editorial, would give a donation to a worthwhile charity in lieu of gifts to staff and clients. They donated to Mira’s Movement, a nonprofit that supports families of children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Two years ago, our good friends Chris and Christine Brouwer lost their four-year-old daughter Mira to pediatric ependymoma, a form of cancer that arises in the central nervous system. They created Mira’s Movement to help other families facing the same crisis. If you’d like to learn more about this organization or make a donation yourself, visit www.mirasmovement.org.


Anyone have any good resolutions so far this year? I know most people are going to go with the standard ones, like “lose some weight” or “promote world peace.” I’m shooting a little lower this year: I want to go for more walks and finish reading all the books on my bedside table. And I’d like to write and publish at least two books.

Display Gardens Filled with Roses?

Last year, Garden’s Alive/Springhill Nurseries bought a California company named Weeks Roses. Weeks is a wholesale grower of roses and has been doing so in their Wasco, California, location since 1938. “In addition to their rose lines, Weeks also offers a premium selection of edible fruit and ornamental trees,” their catalog says.

Why do I mention an acquisition that took place last May? Well, I don’t know if anyone will remember me mentioning last fall that Springhill had removed their massive test gardens that stretched along South Hyatt. I was seriously bummed to see them ripping out all those plants, shrubs, and trees.

Well, I have it on good authority that the space was cleared to make room for a Weeks Roses test garden. That’s right, soon there could be a massive rose garden planted along Hyatt Street featuring tens of thousands of roses. Wow.

Tipp City TV

Every wish you could watch TV shows dedicated to Tipp City, or enjoy old episodes of the Get Social Show, which starred me and my friend and City Councilman Mike McDermott? Well, over the Christmas break, I was trying to figure out how to upload our Get Social videos to the Internet where everyone could enjoy them. Unfortunately, YouTube limits their uploads to 15-minute segments, so I was going to have to chop up all of the shows into smaller pieces, making for a lot more work.

I finally found a solution that lets me upload entire episodes and, even better, puts the shows and other videos in rotation on a website that anyone can access. At TippCityTV.com, I’ve created what is essentially a 24-hour TV station dedicated to Tipp City.

In addition to old Get Social episodes, I also uploaded a smattering of Tipp City videos, including Matt Spangler’s narrated Opera House tour, the Tipp City Resume video created by the city in 2004 to encourage businesses to relocate here, Bucher’s Beat appearances at Winter’s Gatherings past, and a story that Fox 45 ran on the opening of the Big Robot Game Café.

I’m looking for more videos and for suggestion—what would you like to see on the channel? I’m also hoping people will send me videos or upload them and let me know about it.

In addition to the 24-hour channel, all of the clips and shows are available in a Video Library on the same page. If you’re hankering to hear Mike and I talk about the time Touchdown Jesus caught fire and burned down, just go to “Get Social Episodes,” find the right show, and hit “Play.” It will replace the live station with your selection—and go back to the live channel when it’s finished.

Ginghamsburg Church Hosts Family Flick

The folks out at Ginghamsburg Church are hosting a Family Flick Night on January 20, when they’ll be presenting the family animated movie “Rio.” Admission is free, but they ask that you help support their New Path Food Pantry by bringing along a canned food item as a donation for each person in your group.

And they’re inviting everyone to show up in the PJs! “Bring a blanket, pillow and your camera, as this promises to be a night you’ll never forget!” They will also be selling pizza at a nominal cost. If you have questions, please see the church website at www.ginghamsburg.org or call Kelly Flora at 667-1069, extension 260.

Check In With Me

Hear something interesting for “Tipp Talk?” Visit my website at www.gregenslen.com and drop me a line using the “Contact Me” page. And don’t worry—I won’t quote you unless you want me to!


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