TIPP TALK – September 13
by Greg Enslen

Fall Into Tipp: Organizers are pulling together a “Fall Into Tipp” series of events in September and October, all leading up to the Downtown Tipp City Partnership’s annual Tippecanoe HarvestFest, to be held Saturday night, October 31. See www.visittippcity.org for more information.

Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers: The Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers Vintage Base Ball Team has been invited back!  They play the Kettering Clod Busters and another team at Carillon Park on Saturday, September 12th.  Hope everyone made it out to support the team.  Plans are underway for a season of matches next year – what do folks think of that?  The team hopes to play 4-6 home games and a few “road” games against teams like the Clod Busters. See www.tippecanoecanaljumpers.com for more information.

Seriously Fresh Salsa at the Tippecanoe Farmers’ Market: Folks are going crazy for Dos Senoritas Salsa, made fresh each week right at the Tippecanoe Farmers’ Market.  Lori Spencer and Matt and Lori Whrel make the salsa to order, so if you’re looking for some seriously fresh salsa, you can watch them make yours!  The salsa comes in regular and hot and goes great with tortilla chips or over my favorite, Cowboy Nachos.  Prepare a pot roast, shred over chips with refried beans and cheese, then add another layer of chips, pot roast, beans and cheese.  Broil on low for four minutes and serve with cold sour cream and Dos Senoritas Salsa!

Quick Bits: The Tipp City Planning Board unanimously approved a special use permit for the new Buckeye Distillery at their September 8th meeting – the Distillery will be located on Plum Street and operated by the folks that run ServPro . . . the Sunseeker Tanning Salon closed its doors quietly – anyone know when they closed or what happened there? . . . and the Downtown Tipp City Partnership finally secured it’s 501c3 status, so folks interested in donating to a worthy cause can contact Matt Owen at 937-667-8300 and support such worthy programs as the Tippecanoe Farmers’ Market or the Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers vintage baseball team.

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