Our captain, Swifty and I attended a scheduling meeting with the Ohio vintage base ball clubs today.  It’s great to see the enthusiasm from the other clubs throughout our state.  The Clodbusters did a wonderful job coordinating the meeting.  Club’s in attendance included:

Clodbusters Base Ball Club
Ohio Village Muffins (Columbus)
Blue Ashlars of Worthington (Columbus)
Whiskey Island Shamrocks (Cleveland)
Unknowns of Columbus (name TBD)
Belle River Ball Club (Rising Sun, IN)
Mansfield Independents
North Baltimore Cyclones (Toledo area)
Norwood Highlanders (Cincinnati)
Cincinnati Buckeyes
1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings

and of course… Your Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers!

Attached is our TENTATIVE schedule for next year.  We really pushed for as many home/close to home matches as possible for 2010.

We have 4 matches scheduled for the Willowtree, the Tippecanoe Cup at the Tipp City Park during the Mum Festival and a semi-home game at Johnston Farms in Piqua.  All of our matches are on Sundays except for a Wednesday, June 9 match at 7 pm at Carillon Park with the Clodbusters.

We have 2 clubs, Mansfield and Whiskey Island who want to challenge us.  We have 10 dates on the schedule at this time.  May and August are our only open months so we’ll try to schedule a triple-heater set in Columbus so we don’t have to travel further up to Mansfield or Cleveland.

2010 schedule


Reed “Worm Burner” Spencer