Have Any Scary Stories?


Tippecanoe HarvestFest 2007
Do you know any scary stories about Tipp City? The Tippecanoe HarvestFest 2007 is gathering spooky tales for our Haunted Ghost Tours, to be held in the downtown the two weeks before Halloween. We have volunteer guides, but we still need your scariest stories! Do you know the one about the dead horse buried under the Old Post Office? What about the Spring Hill murder? Tell us your story! Is your home or building haunted? Have you experienced dread in your attic or basement? Know any REALLY spooky tales about our town? Send your ghostly stories to tippghosts@yahoo.com or call 667-6962 to share your story. If no one answers, just leave a message and we’ll call you back. Unless we’ve fallen victim to the Fiendish Ghoul of South Third Street …


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