TMCS Upcoming Lectures and Classes


Introduction to Aviation …Have you ever thought about learning to fly? This course will give you an overview of the topics involved in becoming a private pilot. We will talk about relevant Federal Aviation Regulations, flight controls and basic aerodynamics, navigation and the National Airspace System, and aviation weather. This course cannot be used as credit toward obtaining a private pilot certificate, but hopefully it will inspire you to take the next step toward fulfilling your dream of flight. Taught by Andrew T. White from Lovett & Lovett LPA.

 Date/Time:             Mon., July 9, 16, 23 & 30, 6-8 pm

Miami County in the Civil War… The course will cover the wartime demographics of Miami County in the 1860’s, discuss the prominent residents of the county, survey the various regiments which contained Miami County men, and briefly touch on county politics and the effects of the Civil War on Miami County. Taught by Joe Bellas.

Date/Time:           Tues., June 26, 7-8 pm

World War II Island Hopping in the Pacific Theatre… The course will cover the concepts behind the “Island Hopping” strategy employed by the US Navy in World War II, from its inception in the Solomon Islands to the war’s conclusion.  Prominent leaders and campaigns will also be discussed. Taught by Joe Bellas.

Date/Time:           Tues., July 31, 7-8 pm

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