Anyone with a dog will tell you that it’s a challenge to keep a clean house with a pet running around. They destroy toys, get into the trash, shed, and have the occasional accident. So, what are the best tools to tackle all these messes?

If you’re planning on bringing a new dog into your home, it’s important to consider the amount of cleaning you are willing to do. Plus, if you cherish a spotless house, it may be time to rethink the pet options.

Cleaning messes from any pet is an inevitable part of dog ownership. It is possible, however, to keep pet dirt at bay and your sanity intact with a few common household items.

5 Tools to Keep A Clean House with a Pet

Pet Stain & Odor Remover

This one goes without saying. Every dog and cat owner should keep a stain remover stocked and at the ready.

Some dogs are easier to potty-train than others. Especially during the puppy stage, messes will happen… often. When an accident occurs, a fast-acting stain remover will prevent the carpet from staining and keep your home smelling fresh.

When purchasing, look for a stain remover that is fast-acting and pet-specific, so you know it will get the job done!

Dog Brush

Brushing your dog often is a great way to keep the dog hair under control. While it’s not recommended to bathe them every week, regular brushing will keep their coats healthy and minimize extra shedding. Plus, most dogs love a good brushing session.

Make sure to select a brush that is specific to your dog’s coat and undercoat. Dogs with longer hair, like Golden Retrievers, may need additional brushing than other short-haired breeds.

Bathing and brushing will also keep your dog and home smelling fresh and clean.

High-Quality Vacuum

If pet hair is proving to be a challenge, invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner. Especially with longer-haired dogs, the pet hair will take a toll on your floors and furniture.

If you do choose to allow your dog on the furniture, make sure to cover it with a sheet or pet protector. Otherwise, a hair-remover vacuum attachment can help remove the hair from the surface of the fabric. However, be aware that animal hair can become embedded into the fibers and become impossible to remove.

In between vacuuming, a dry Swiffer broom, or other lint-catching sweepers are great maintenance tools to keep the dog hair off of the floors.

Pet Gate

A pet gate will be a life-saver, especially when your pup is still in training. If you need to block off certain areas of your home, a pet or baby gate is the perfect solution. Many dog parents use these gates during potty training to prevent messes on carpeting and rugs; however, this tool shouldn’t be used to avoid training your dog.

The key to proper gate-keeping is to make sure you have a gate that’s appropriate for the size of your dog and home. This should only be used when necessary for safety and training purposes, and never for punishment.

These gates are available in many styles and mounting options, so you can make the right choice for your dog and your home.

Deodorizers for Pet Odors

No matter how clean your dog is, you will likely catch a whiff of a pet odor now and again. Odor-eliminating fresheners are a great solution to keep your home smelling fresh by eliminating the odors instead of masking them.

These deodorizers are specifically made to tackle difficult pet odors, like urine. You can find a variety of fresheners available in purifying bags, plug-ins, vacuum powders, and more.

When it comes to cleaning challenges, pet owners certainly have their work cut out for them. With these tools, you can enjoy a clean and tidy home with a happy pup!

Should you have any questions about keeping a clean house with a pet, grooming, or any other pet-related issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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