Local folks, don’t get caught unaware! Here are real answers to the top 12 questions I’m hearing regarding the August 30-31 Gentlemen of the Road Stopover in our neighboring Troy, Ohio.

  1. Parking at WACO Field is $15 cash per car. The shuttle will take you to Van Cleve Elementary School ONLY. From there, you will walk into the Square area for downtown street festivities and/or across the bridge to the Stadium for the national bands. The only exception will be for ADA-eligible access. Translation: bring cash, comfy shoes, and whatever you need from your car. Shuttles return to WACO up to 2:00 a.m.
  2. ONLY those with camping tickets may park at Troy Junior High and Duke Park. The charge to park for those folks will be $20 per car.
  3. To be emphatically clear, Stadium access is via passport (the $100ish tickets) only. Don’t lose the wristband that came with yours, as that’s what they’ll scan to let you in, and it will also get you into the street festival in the Square area.
  4. If you only want to enjoy fantabulous non-stop local bands and food options around the Square, it’s $5 payable onsite. Parking is not included.
  5. La Fiesta and Dunaways are not in the blocked off area and are open. The Troy Public Library will be closed Friday afternoon through Monday. No returns. No fines.
  6. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros headline Friday night at the stadium. Edward is not a real person. The lead singer is named Alex, he looks eerily like Jesus, and Heath Ledger helped the band get started.
  7. Old Crow Medicine Show (think “Wagon Wheel”) will headline Saturday night along with Mumford and Sons. Mumford and Sons will take the stage close to sunset (8:30). Marcus Mumford is the lead singer, and he has no sons.
  8. Gentlemen of the Road actually has a few lady singers. I was surprised, too!
  9. Don’t bite the visitors. They hail from 48 states, D.C., and at least five other countries.
  10. No umbrellas. No chairs. One bottle of unopened store-bought water allowed per person.
  11. If it rains, pretend you’re at Woodstock. Mud just adds to the festival lore. Events are on rain or shine. There is a contingency plan for super severe weather. Use those smartphones to keep an eye on the radar, and tune to 107.7 FM or tcrtroycommunityradio.com for instructions.
  12. There are at least 30 bands playing over the next two days. Dance, my friends.

NEXT STEPS: Visit TroyMainStreet.org for any further questions, maps, and detailed times for all bands on all stages. I’m out. Enjoy!