Union Township Life Squad Chief Resigns


Union Township Life Squad members cancelled the special meeting they had scheduled for this evening after announcing that Chief Gerald Bowerman has resigned. Former Assistant Chief Kevin Vore said members learned of Bowerman’s resignation through his legal team.

The members released the following statement this evening:

“We, the majority of the members of the Union Township Life Squad, are satisfied with the resignation of Chief Gerald Bowerman effective today.

We feel it is in the best interest of the community to indefinitely postpone the meeting that was scheduled for this evening. This meeting can be rescheduled at anytime with 7 days notice. While there are many trust and communication issues we have with the current board, we have agreed to make an attempt to work together and try and make Union Township Life Squad the best that it can be. We will be asking the current board to sit down and begin to work on these differences immediately.

The two employees that were suspended by Chief Bowerman, Assistant Chief Kevin Vore and Captain Renee Nevels have been re-instated and will return to work immediately.

We would like to thank the public for all of your support. We will continue to provide the community with the utmost professional care that you expect and deserve. ”

Kevin Vore will act as interim chief until the board chooses a replacement.



  1. Our job is not one to kick someone when they are down but rather lift someone who has fallen. No matter how you feel about Gerald Bowerman he has aided thousands of people. The job of a public servant is not easy. You see images that forever change you you try to be pleasant to those that don’t care. You have just left the Thanksgiving table or your child’s birthday party, at times disappointing your family, to help a stranger you may never see again. While cleaning a patient’s bodily fluid off of yourself you pray that you don’t receive a disease. You work hours that make your nerve endings stand on edge. Yet still hold the hands of those you don’t know. You try to remain calm when dealing with the last few moments of their life with dignity and peace. At times you can’t sleep, tossing and turning wondering “was there anything else I could have done?” You cry for those you just met and embrace a family you don’t belong to. You reach out to the hurting even when you feel like you hurt more than they. You listen to someone’s problems with compassion, knowing yours are more extreme. While trying to make someone laugh to lift their spirits you do so not because it’s your job but rather your passion. You can’t satisfy everyone, but you try anyway.

    We are not allowed to have a bad day. You must appear to be wide awake at 3 a.m. and not seem bothered to wipe someone sitting on a toilet. Why do we do this? Not because of the scrutiny of the public or the fact that you are confined in the back of an ambulance with a mean violent drunk or drug addict. It is certainly not the money or benefits we seek because they are hard to find. Usually you don’t even hear thank you. Most people say “I could never do that”, and sometimes we wonder why we do.

    When you reflect you know you have made a difference and can recall those that would have died had you not given them care. You see things you wish you hadn’t and find yourself in situations that can torment you for days, even years. You try to make a difference even if no one is watching. Would you do it again? You give mercy, compassion, friendship and trust because we are inspired to make a difference. It is having the love and compassion for people that are hurting and the inability to just turn your head and walk away. Our lives reflect one moment of mercy after another. And in this cause I ask for yours for his years of service.

    Tammy Midlam,
    Union Township Life Squad

  2. Now begins the rebuilding phase for Union Township Life Squad. I have all the faith in the world that this is only a small speed bump and the people of Union Township will be safe and the officers and staff will come together and make UTLS the best of the best.

    • Thanks Chris for the vote of confidence. This has not been easy for any of us, We will rebuild and will strive to become the best of the best for our community, Union Twp,

  3. Thanks Chris for the vote of confidence. This has not been easy for any of us, We will rebuild and will strive to become the best of the best for our community, Union Twp,


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