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Using Decorative Diffusers to Make Your Patients Feel Comfortable

If you ask a group of people to list their fears, more than likely, most of them will put going to the dentist somewhere on that list. It’s a necessary part of life, but it’s one most people dread. And it rarely has anything to do with the amount of time spent in the office or even the steps of recovery after a dental surgery or complicated procedure. People are just naturally uncomfortable in a dental office. Many dental professionals have been making changes and trying to improve their office settings to make patients feel more at ease and welcome when they walk through the door. One of those improvements is changes to the lighting. Let’s face it, most people can’t relax in fluorescent lighting. It’s harsh, intimidating, and puts people on edge. This only serves to increase a person’s anxiety levels. So, what can you do to make the lighting in your dental office more relaxing?

What are Decorative Light Diffusers?

Decorative light diffusers are peaceful images that replace or cover your current fluorescent lighting. This product is easy to use but makes a world of difference. It instantaneously transforms the look and feel of an office by taking something harsh and creating something relaxing. Imagine for a moment, that your patient is lying back in the dental chair. They’re anxious, scared, and on edge. They open their eyes and are forced to stare at harsh fluorescent lighting that is a bit intimidating and can even cause physical discomfort. Not a pleasant image, is it? Now, imagine an alternative scenario in which your patient opens their eyes to find themselves looking into a beautiful blue sky, a calming ocean, or an open field. Much better, right? Decorative light diffusers make that scenario a reality with just a few easy steps.

Create a Space in Which Patients Feel Safe

The reason so many patients feel instantly on edge in a hospital or dental office, isn’t necessarily the problem that brought them there. More often than not, it’s the environment in which it will be treated. For decades people have made hospitals and dental offices too sterile, clinical, and uninviting. This makes practical sense. But, as a company, you want to help your patients feel safe and at ease during their time spent with you. That can’t happen in a blinding, harsh, sterile environment. It’s just not plausible. By creating a warm atmosphere, a welcoming and relaxing space, you can immediately improve your patient’s mood and sense of security. This will ensure they have a better experience, and it will improve your relationship moving forward. Patients who feel comfortable and safe are less likely to cancel their appointments. In fact, their visits may even increase. Because, now that they don’t dread office visits, they will come to you for routine cleaning and other procedures they might have put off in the past simply because they were uncomfortable or anxious.

The Use of Visualization Relaxation for Those With Anxiety

Visualization is a powerful tool when it comes to helping someone relax and de-stress. Using relaxing imagery is a popular anti-anxiety tool that many therapists and mental health professionals utilize. But you, as a dental professional, can do the same. Certain types of images have been proven to help people cope with panic attacks and general feelings of anxiety. When people are overwhelmed and anxious, as many are when going to the dentist, their mind is focused entirely on the anxiety and discomfort they feel. Relaxing visual aids are used to help shift their minds onto something more calming and pleasant, so they can relax and find peace in an otherwise stressful situation.

Create a Better Working Environment

It’s no secret that patients feel more comfortable when dealing with professionals who seem happy, at ease, and confident. Patients are in a vulnerable state when they enter a dental office. They need reassurance that everything is going to be alright, and they look to the dentists and dental assistants for that reassurance. It’s important that your staff gives off a calm, confident, and pleasant vibe that will help make your patients feel safe and secure in their hands. And while it’s true that dentists and their assistants are more accustomed to the harsh lighting and sterile environments, that doesn’t mean that their moods aren’t still negatively impacted by it. And if your staff is on edge, stressed, or agitated, that will eventually have a direct effect on your patients. By creating a peaceful space for both your patients and your staff, you effectively boost your staff’s mood and set them up for success.

Set Yourself Apart

Not only will decorative light diffusers create a peaceful and welcoming environment for your patients, they will also help you stand out from competing dental companies. Don’t settle for the ordinary, for boring and sterile when creating a fun, unique space is both easy and inexpensive. By simply replacing harsh, unflattering fluorescent lighting with fun images of wide open fields, adorable animals, or clear blue skies you immediately step outside of the box and create a space that is unique and memorable.

Do you dream of a world in which people no longer fear going to the dentist? That world is within reach for those dental offices which are willing to create a space in which their patients feel a sense of security and comfort instead of anxiety. There are many ways to make your office space more inviting, but one of the easiest and most effective ways is to swap out your harsh lighting and replace it with images that promote happiness and tranquility. With one simple change you can transport your patients away from the dreaded dental chair and onto a relaxing beach in front of the ocean waves or into the vast beauty of space. If you’d like to create such a unique experience to your patients, and your staff, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to helping you create a relaxing and fun environment.


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