Voters Reject Tax Rate Increase


By Mike Kelly, Tipp City Herald

(excerpt) Tipp City voters said “no” Tuesday evening to a .25 percent tax increase for capital improvements by a vote of 630 to 580. City Council said the money was needed to repair aging roads, culverts and bridges in the city.

“We’re disappointed,” said council president Bill Beagle Wednesday morning. “We were hoping for a larger turnout, but with only a single issue on the ballot the levy committee knew it was going to be difficult to pass this issue. “We think the message got out but it’s hard when the only thing is a tax increase for filling potholes. It doesn’t have the immediate impact as a school levy does when the result of failure is cutting teachers or athletics. “This levy doesn’t mean bridges are going to collapse, but in time without addition funding bridges might have to be closed and residents will find roads rougher to travel on due to determination.” Read the full story here.


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