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Tipp City was recently mentioned on the Walkable Neighborhoods website, which highlights cities and towns that are pedestrian-friendly.

Walkable Neighborhoods: Day 13: Main Street – Tipp City, OH
“Anyhow, the next destination is Tipp City, Ohio. In some ways, this is the quintessential small town: beautiful brick buildings, no setbacks, tree-canopied streets, and family-owned shops, cafés, and restaurants. But the town also hugs Interstate 75 and is just a few miles north of Dayton. The Dayton Region is not growing in population, but like many Midwestern cities, it’s rapidly expanding… outward, not up. Tipp City is seeing the effects of that expansion, as sprawl plagues the major interchanges.

I love this photo. To me, this photo represents exactly what we need to protect in this country—a sense of place. Tipp City has it. Most small towns had it or are about to lose it with the generalization of America. When I travel across the country, most every town looks the same. The charming little downtowns have lost their distinctive characters because the chain retailers have forced them out of business. Or, the businesses relocated to “high-visibility” places.”

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  1. Yay for Tipp!

    What's so fantastic about our inclusion in the Walkable Cities site is the fact that we're mentioned alongside places like La Jolla, Monterey, San Diego's Gaslamp area, Atlanta, Waikiki, etc. A little extra clicking led to the discovery that they kicked Napa Valley off the list . . . and kept Tipp!

    Next time your friends think about visiting wine country, you can mention we're a better rated place to visit (ha).

    Here's a list of all the included towns: http://www.walkableneighborhoods.com/archives


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