It was Farmers’ Day at the March 14 West Milton Rotary Club with 29 farmers in the West Milton area as guests. They enjoyed the program and were recipients of many gifts from the Rotarians during a drawing. Allen Smith, program host, invited Rise Labig, Account Representative of the Greenville Ethanol Plant, The Andersons, Inc., as the guest speaker. She provided the Rotarians with a Marketing Overview in several areas: Some of the causes of the economic decline, the Ag forum/Baseline Report, Production History for World Corn and U. S. Beans from 2007 to 2010, the Impact of the Weather, Marketing Tools, Crop Insurance deadline of March 15, and the Farm 2 Market Direct Ship program. The farmers and Rotarians were encouraged to check out their web site at Heather Garbig, from the Andersons, was also in attendance to help Rise with her presentation.

Kenny Kauffman, Heather Garbig, Rise Labig, Allen Smith