West Milton Rotary February 13, 2012


Ginny Rammel, program host, invited one of the high school teachers, Mrs. Amy Todd, to provide the program at the February 13 West Milton Rotary Club meeting. Amy, in her fifteenth year as an Intervention Specialist, gave a presentation on the M.A.P. (Milton Alternative Program) identified as such because she meets with each student individually to map out where they are going (post secondary education, military, workforce) and then shows them the exact path to get there. Graduation is not the final destination, just a step in the process. The overall purposes for this first year unique program are as follows: credit recovery, a means of getting
through the required work quicker due to online courses that students can go at their own rate, an alternative program for those students who have social and emotional issues that are not comfortable interacting with the other students in high school, a program for those students who inevitably would have discipline or attendance problems that would prevent success in the normal classrooms. There are 24 students currently in the program, including one 8th grader, two freshmen, nine sophomores, eight juniors, and four seniors. The program has helped the students shange how they think about themselves and give them hope for future success. One student has already graduated. The District Governor Elect, Peter Weiglin and the District Governor Nominee, Mac Hickman, were also in attendance.




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