West Milton Rotary – January 28, 2013



At the January 28 West Milton Rotary Club meeting, Cliff Poling, program host, invited Bob Stallman, Director of Community Relations, DP&L Energy, as the guest presenter. Bob talked about the Government Aggregated and Community Savings Program, a new electric plan with DP&L Energy to provide a lower cost rate to residential users, which the village is endorsing this new plan. Ohio Electric Choice was part of legislation that took effect in 2001 and gives Ohioans a choice in selecting their electric provider. Electricity deregulation means you can choose who supplies the generation and transmission portions of your electric bill. No matter which company you choose to supply the generation of your electricity, your local utility will continue to deliver the service to your home or business because the delivery of electricity remains regulated. Your local utility will continue to maintain and repair the poles and wires in your area and, if your power should go out, you will continue to call your local utility. Also, your local utility company will continue to read your electric meter. DPL Energy Resources, which also does business as DP&L Energy, is a competitive retail supplier of electricity and has been helping customers save money on their energy costs since 2001. DPL Energy Resources and DP&L Energy sell electricity to Ohio customers at market-based prices rather than the regulated prices offered by utilities.


C. Poling, B. Stallman
C. Poling, B. Stallman



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