West Milton Rotary – March 12, 2012


Garry Kimpell, program host, invited Cathy Stelzer-Petersen, currently the Montgomery County Communications Director, as the as our guest speaker at the March 12 West Milton Rotary Club meeting. Cathy was a former WHIO news reporter and anchor news producer. She told the Rotarians about many of her experiences while serving as the Clark County correspondent. She also gave suggestions on how to deal with the news media when they show up to your business, school, government offices, or other location after an incident involving a tragedy, fire, burglary, etc. Her key suggestion was to get out in front of the situation and anticipate the type of questions that would be asked and provide honest and open information. She felt the worst thing to say is “no comment.” She also commented that the news media always like to find a “real person” to interview at these times.


C. Stelzer-Petersen, G. Kimpel



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