West Milton Rotary – October 8, 2012



At the October 8 West Milton Rotary Club meeting, Larry Dehus, school board member, and Ginny Rammel, superintendent of schools, provided their fellow Rotarians an update on the new school project and the beginning of the school year. The new building is better than expected with only a few problems remaining to be fixed. A punch list of 15 pages is now down to one and a half, with everyone looking for anything that needs repaired. The wind turbine installed recently was not working but they have the problem solved and should be working soon. The operational costs should be greatly reduced, in spite of the increases with air conditioning. There
should be no repairs for many years, the metal, sloped roofs and terrazzo floors should require very little maintenance and the floors will last forever. The total project came in $3 million under budget and the district will receive 44% of this amount to begin paying off bonds. The new building is beautiful and very functional, not fancy but of great quality. The demolition of the K-8 building will start in the next two weeks and the high school building approximately in December. Besides the new building, academically the districts passed all 26 indicators on their report card for the first time and have the highest graduation rate in the county. Their ACT scores have been improving steadily the past few years. The ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony will take place this Sunday, October 14, 2012 at 1:00 p.m.


G. Rammel, L. Dehus, J. Neitzke



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