Affordable Fitness in Tipp City

By Wendy Bauder

In a few short weeks you’ll be turning the calendar to a new year and writing 2010 on your checks. Another year will have passed and another set of News Year’s resolutions will be staring you in the face. The trouble is, the resolution you made last year to be more active fell by the wayside and those insidious pounds have crept up on you. You’ve discovered that the muffin tops have migrated from your pantry to a new home around your waistband. To make matters worse, the eating season is just around the corner and slippery, cold weather will drastically reduce the enjoyment of taking a walk around the neighborhood.

If you’re ready to take action but aren’t fond of lime green spandex and matching Nikes or the frustration of pricey health club memberships, your fitness answer is right here in Tipp City.

Fitness Instructor, Cindy Wildermuth, is doing her part to help women stay in shape without breaking the family budget. Every Wednesday and Thursday, beginning at 9:15am, Cindy teaches an hour-long fitness class in the gym of Tipp City United Methodist Church, at the corner of 3rd and Main Streets. The class is a mix of cardio and strength training and all women are invited to attend the class regardless of their age or fitness level. Cindy draws from her coaching background and current skills as a Fitness Instructor at the Miami County YMCA to demonstrate modifications suitable to everyone’s personal activity ability.

Whether you’re a novice, a fitness buff or somewhere in between, Cindy’s class will help you tone and firm all those worrisome areas. No special clothing or equipment is needed and no pre-registration is required. To make it possible for any woman to fit exercise into her budget, Cindy charges a flat rate of $2 per class. No class minimum is expected and no money is paid up front. Each woman is simply asked to pay her two dollars when she attends the class.

Do you have a schedule that isn’t set in stone? Are you worried about starting a class only to have the errands of the holiday season get in the way? The beauty of Cindy’s class is that it is available when you are. Start now and come when you can. If you can’t make one day or one week, pick it up again when you’re able. And bring your friend, your mom or your neighbor with you. The cost of one hour-long class costs less than a cappuccino and will leave you with energy long after the caffeine-buzz wears off.

What are you “weighting” for?

Cindy Wildermuth is a Fitness Instructor at the Miami County YMCA with a passion to help women with their personal “fitness walks.” She uses her gift of enthusiasm to help others to get and stay motivated in their daily lives.  Cindy ends each class with an encouraging devotional that challenges women to exercise their Spirit as well as their bodies.  She has been married to Don Wildermuth, long time Tipp City resident and Physical Education Instructor at Nevin Coppock Elementary School for nineteen years. Cindy and Don have four children and make their home in Tipp City. For questions about class specifics, contact Cindy at