“Good schools don’t just happen” is one of my favorite quotes from Leonard T. Ball former superintendent of Tipp City Schools from 1946-1964. That statement is as true today as it was when Mr. Ball was running our schools system many years ago. He had a vision for the future, and he stated numerous times that the school board and its administration cannot do it alone. The support of the community is vital for our children to receive a quality education.

Our “Excellent” rated school system is well known throughout the state has attracted new families to Tipp City for many years. It has also attracted some of the best administrators, teachers and staff in the entire region giving our children the best education possible.

Our schools have not only provided our children with the opportunity for a quality education; but also, with the opportunity to participate in numerous activities and programs. As an alumnus I am thankful for the past generations who made our school system a top priority in our community. I believe it is our responsibility to make sure that we continue to support our outstanding schools is why I am asking you to vote “YES” on the upcoming renewal levy.

Good schools don’t just happen, it takes an entire community nurturing, developing and supporting it. Vote Yes on November 8th.

Go Red Devils!

Matt Owen

Class of ’88