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Your Wall = Kids Canvas



Tips for cleaning murals off your walls.


We’ve all been there. You look away for two seconds and next thing you know, your little Picasso has decided to add some art to your living room wall. So what do you do next??? I’d be happy to tell you of some of the tried and true methods I have used in the past, after I learned to hide crayons/markers  in between coloring sessions.




My usual go-to is my good ole Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. But when you are in a pinch, I have a household item as my secret weapon:


Mayo – Not kidding, it really does work! Just take a look! 











The dreaded crayon mark ^






Now apply a glob of Mayo^













Use a wet sponge or wash cloth to scrub it off in a circular motion ^












And TA-DA! After you wipe the wall dry, no more crayon. Pretty effective and a cheap alternative to buying expensive cleaners.


Some also recommend using WD-40, but be careful with this as it can sometimes cause stains or discoloration, especially with wallpaper.


Permanent Marker:


 Hair spray is a suprisingly excellent way to rid your walls of any marker messes!











Yes, “permanent” marker. In this case, a nice green Sharpie.














VO5 hair spray












And the outcome! Bye bye eye sore!! The trick is to make sure you use a WET washcloth to clean off the gunk.



If you know of any home remedies for crayon or marker ‘art’, feel free to share below! And just a general disclaimer for all, I can not guarantee the same results as what I experienced. So, that said, don’t break out the crayons and markers and try this at home on highly visible areas!!!





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