Seven Words: Seven WORDS: FINISHED

Speaker: Rachel Billups

Jesus' final words on the cross hold great depth and meaning for our lives today. "It is finished" signaled the last breath Jesus took - yet a promise that became life-giving to those ready to receive. Join us this weekend in worship as we discover the freedom Jesus' sacrifice offers.  Seven WORDS: FINISHED  

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Seven Words: Seven Words:THIRST

Speaker: Chris Heckaman

We are a THIRSTY people living in a THIRSTY world - and it goes way beyond water. We reach for all sorts of quenchings to resolve the deep THIRST of our hearts, yet the cross reveals a God who is thirsty too. Within his seven final statements Jesus murmurs unquenchable yearnings.    Come, gather close for this weekend's Lenten worship as this Divine confession speaks to our innermost human needs...   Seven Words: THIRST

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