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Homecoming Dance Comes to Grind

Tipp City’s Homecoming Dance last night turned into a fracas in the parking lot and later house parties across town as students attending the dance report that ~120 students were asked to leave the dance due to inappropriate attire or dancing infractions.
Students who participated in the grind dancing were asked to leave by Principal Chuck Wray and other school officials.
Some students who claim to have not participated in the grind-dancing, were also asked to leave.

Unlike the “face to face with separation” dancing of the 50’s and 60’s, grind dancing is more akin to a lap dance with clothing on.

Update 12:45pm – Principal Chuck Wray sent out a One Call Now stating that there were several communications to students that any student caught inappropriately dancing will be kicked out of the dance.
After 40 students were ejected, one student in the center of the dance floor yelled “that’s it! We’re out of here!” which emptied about 80% of the students outside.
Principal Wray invites parents to chaperone future dances, and requests that parents find out if your student was ejected or left with the crowd.

Update: 4:00pm – Official Press Release from Tipp City Schools

Update: 7:00pm – Interview with Dr. John Kronour (regarding the 2010 Homecoming dance)



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