7 Reasons Why Automated Marketing is a Powerful Tool for Return Shoppers

When most marketing teams consider building an automated marketing experience, it’s only natural to start at the top of your funnel. The experience you plan to craft is one for new shoppers who are discovering your brand for the first time. But focusing only on the unique shopper experience is severely discounting (and not in the “good way”) the value of your return shoppers. Automated Marketing is Ideal for Return Shoppers Returning customers have bought from you before and liked what they experienced. They have come back to buy again, but they may not necessarily know exactly what they’re looking … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why Automated Marketing is a Powerful Tool for Return Shoppers

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Top 3 Weatherproof Plastics for Outdoor Structures

Swimming Pool With Blue Water And Transparent Plastic Tent. An example of modern plastic outdoor structures

Historically, materials such as wood and metal have dominated the construction of outdoor structures like playgrounds, greenhouses, and outdoor furniture. However, these materials have numerous weaknesses making them unideal for outdoor use. Wood, for example, is susceptible to rotting, warping, and splintering. Glass, on the other hand, even though great for light transmission, is extremely […]

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Superintendent Search

TIPP CITY SCHOOLS IS SEEKING SUPERINTENDENT Information for Interested Applicants The Board of Education for Tipp City Schools is accepting applications for the district's next superintendent who will replace retiring superintendent Dr. Gretta Kum...

Energy Efficiency for Business: 3 Areas To Focus On

Green energy efficiency and ecology concept with businessman

Energy efficiency has become the big buzzword in connection with fighting climate change. And the larger your scale of energy use is, the bigger an impact you can have by making changes. While some changes are bigger than others (and some will require more of a long-term investment versus short-term upgrades), it’s important to consider all the options. Because cutting energy use means saving money on your monthly bills; it also improves your image, and helps you take your position as a community leader on an issue affecting everyone. Energy Efficiency Area #1: Lighting It’s basic energy efficiency policy to … Continue reading Energy Efficiency for Business: 3 Areas To Focus On

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Officials welcome Lucas Oil Products to family of sponsors at Rock Maple Racing

HAMPSTEAD, N.H., Jan. 24, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Rock Maple Racing, New England's premier sanctioned cross-country racing series, announces the sponsorship signing of Lucas Oil Products, Inc., headquartered in Corona, California.

LBA Ware Onboards Chris Gassel as Strategic Sales Specialist to Support Release of LimeGear...

MACON, Ga., Jan. 24, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- LBA Ware, a leading provider of incentive compensation management (ICM) and business intelligence software solutions for the mortgage industry, has appointed Chris Gassel as strategic sales specialist. Gassel was brought on board to support the release of LBA Ware's highly anticipated, turnkey business intelligence (BI) platform, LimeGear.

FormFree Founder Brent Chandler Commends CFPB Proposal to Eliminate DTI, Citing Ability to Pay...

ATHENS, Ga., Jan. 24, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- FormFree Founder and CEO Brent Chandler today responded to this week's news that Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Kathy Kraninger indicated the bureau's decision to propose amending the Ability to Repay/Qualified Mortgage Rule so as to "move away" from debt-to-income (DTI) calculations as a mortgage underwriting factor.
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