Flash News Alert.

Three Tipp City municipal workers  are out working on a manhole cover in the 300 block of South Third Street. They have a jack-hammer operator, a bucket mover, and a blacktop scraper guy. I hope that the problem really doesn’t warrant the concerned look on their faces.

Pretty interesting stuff to watch!

*10:20AM Update* they look like they are done for now. About 2 hours worth of work. Not sure what was wrong with our manhole, but there are two cones marking the spot where they must not be finished.

*10:40AM Update* After I thought they packed it in for the day, all three came back with a bag of quickcrete, a wheelbarrow and some shovels. Looks like they needed some more filler. Lots of scraping and pouring going on. I drove past on my way to the bank and they all waved and smiled. Good people.

*11:42AM Update* They wrapped up for the day. All that is left is two orange cones and some freshly minted cement and blacktop. If they come out again I’ll have to ask them why all the work on the surround of a manhole cover. Maybe it was sinking in and needed to be leveled off. If so, I never noticed it. Whatever it was.. I am sure it was important.