retinaTippNews DAILY represents the next frontier of news and reporting served directly from residents of our community. Citizen reporters capture the character and style of our downtown, neighborhoods and local businesses through photos, videos and brief “to-the-point” posts.

If you love reading news that directly affects you, the TippNews DAILY is available online for FREE! The TippNews DAILY also provides an ability for YOU the reader to interact with the story being told by our reporters. Your comments will capture the essence of the story and contribute to a community discussion around it.

Bash Foo and their website design team is proud to deliver and support this platform for Tipp City Area residents and businesses to use as they wish. This is a publication “of the people, for the people”.

About the Publisher

White-FB-200x200Mike McDermott, Tipp City resident and business owner of Bash Foo. I help small businesses with their sales and marketing efforts online. I also am Editor of this fine online publication! You won’t see a big list of staff for TippNews DAILY because I am a firm believer in citizen journalism.

I believe that everyone who has a voice and wants to share it can participate. Therefore, the TippNews DAILY provides a way for those voices to be heard and shared amongst the community. Because the news sources are many and varied, I can neither prove or disprove the voracity of any particular report or comment that has been shared. As a reader of the TippNews DAILY please know that I try to seek out and provide for you trustworthy, subject matter experts who will share their take on current events and “goings-on” here in Tipp City.

Beyond local news, TippNews DAILY has partnered with several other news sites to aggregate together a cohesive, and interesting publication indeed.

If you want to learn more about our Editorial Guidelines, go here.

I hope you enjoy this news source and I will do my very best to provide you with edgy stories and keep you abreast of what is happening around town. I welcome all residents who have a knack for the written word and want to share their information online with others to become a guest contributor.

Let me know how I am doing!


Mike McDermott
Publisher, TippNews DAILY