Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Miami County has a variety of fun, local shops to peruse in our historic, picturesque downtowns. You can find anything from furniture, clothing, knick-knacks and plenty of options for dessert after dinner or a mid-day snack. Discover all of the sweet shops we have that will satisfy your sweet tooth. This & That’s Candy on Main, located in Piqua, takes you back in time with their variety of retro candy, toys and flavored sodas. Browse the shelves and relive some of your favorite memories as you savor the flavors of your childhood. You may be surprised at the candies you

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7 Beautiful Hikes in Miami County

It’s no secret- Miami County has plenty to offer. One of the most treasured – and preserved – activities is exploring the beauty of nature. Whether you are on the hiking trail, taking an easy stroll, or searching for something to really get your blood pumping – you can find it along our trails in Miami County. Lace-up your hiking boots, grab your gear and get ready to check out these local trails. Charleston Falls Preserve As one of the most visited parks in Miami County, the Charleston Falls Preserve has more than 216 acres of prairie and forests. It’s

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Host a Meeting in Miami County

Looking for fun and unique locations to host your next meeting? Miami County has you covered. Learn about these new and trendy spots that would be perfect and meet all of your needs. “The Alley” in Tipp City All things come from a simple, small idea or observation. When Nick Hoover, owner of Coldwater Cafe in Tipp City, mentioned how it would be nice to offer seating in the alleyway between the restaurant and the Tipp City Public Library, the collaboration between the two was underway. From that observation blossomed “The Alley,” a 2,000-square-foot patio used for the purpose of

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Plan Your Weekend Adventure in West Milton

Miami County has plenty to offer the adventurer of every kind. From exploring culture and agriculture to dining and shopping locally, there’s plenty to plan a weekend (or two!) full of activity. In fact, West Milton, Ohio is a great place to start! Full of rich history and timeless treasures, this friendly little village is lined with hometown diners, local shops, thrift stores, and adventures waiting for you. If you are planning a weekend away in West Milton, we have you covered! Follow this itinerary for a picture-perfect weekend full of exploring, tasting, eating, and sight-seeing. Tasting and Eating in

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