Greg’s Ramblings: Potholes and Streetlights


Greg’s Ramblings, 01/23/13: The City rolls out a great new tool for reporting potholes and sending the city feedback and service requests.

City Adds On-line Reporting Tool

Talk-to-Tipp-City-233x300The City of Tipp City recently launched an exciting new tool for residents. This on-line tool, called “talk to Tipp City,” allows residents to enter service requests electronically at any time of the day or night without speaking to a representative from the city. Residents can use the on-line tool to report a variety of concerns, including potholes, repair requests or abandoned vehicles, ask for fence or other regulation clarifications, or just ask general questions.

The website instructions include the following statement: ”This site is for non-emergency requests only! You will receive an email containing a link to your request on our site. If you want to be contacted upon resolution of the problem, please provide a phone number or email address.” The tool can be found at or by visiting the City’s website and clicking on the “Request Service” button on the right.

Fourth Street Signal

A reminder for anyone who didn’t catch Nancy Bowman’s article a couple of weeks back: the street light at Fourth and Main will be “bagged” or covered up in the coming weeks as the city studies whether or not a light is necessary at that intersection.

A recent study from the state of Ohio determined that there wasn’t enough traffic at that intersection to warrant a signal, so it’s up to the city. With the upcoming streetscape changes, getting rid of the light at Fourth Street would save something like $145,000 when the city installs all new stop lights up and down Main Street…

Instead of a four-way stop, the city will either cover up the light and add stop signs OR set the light to flashing yellow (for Main) and flashing red (for Fourth) — I’ve heard both. I’ve noticed a few folks driving quickly over the train tracks and then having to stop quickly to avoid running into the backs of cars stopped at the light. Keep an eye out and be careful out there.

Tipp Roller Mill Children’s Theater

Harriet Bergman and her local children’s theater troupe will present “A Hairy Tale” this spring. With unforgettable characters like Paprika (the lost Spice Girl) and a pair of paparazzi desperate for a photo of Rapunzel, “A Hairy Tale” will have you laughing until the curtain falls and everyone (okay, almost everyone) has learned the meaning of true love, true sacrifice and truly hilarious storytelling.

Performing builds self-esteem and confidence. The stage promotes a positive outlet for emotions, thoughts and dreams. Join us at the Roller Mill to support our local children in the arts. HAM IT UP! Productions offer classes for school aged children in acting, sketch comedy, script writing and performance, stage make-up, costume design and more.

As the founder of HAM IT UP! Productions Harriet Bergman brings over 20 years of experience in theatre and education. Harriet holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre and is a certified teacher of both English and drama. For more information, contact Harriet Bergman at 615-410-0138 or visit the website at

Next Time

Feel free to drop me an email at or use the “Contact Me” page on my website if you’d like to let me know about what you think about the light at Fourth and Main. And hopefully I’ll talk to you soon!


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