Christmastime is a beautiful, sparkly, shiny time of the year. As much fun as all the festivities can be, they can be overwhelming and downright dangerous for cats. Remember these rules for holiday safety for cats for a happy and healthy holiday season.

For cats, the shiny objects and new smells can be tempting to bat around, but broken ornaments, human food, and other festive decorations can create a hazardous holiday for your pets.

But, there are a few practical ways to eliminate the risk and still have a beautiful, glowing holiday season that you both can enjoy.

Holiday Safety Tips for Cats

Christmas Decorations

Knowing cats, they’re dying to dive right into your perfect little tree. Not only does it scream for a new adventure, but the ribbons, tinsel, and other shiny objects are begging for exploration.

It’s only natural for your cat to dare to paw and bat around your beautiful decorations, so make sure anything breakable or cherished isn’t within reach of your feline.

Be sure to tuck away any electrical cords, so they aren’t used as chew toys when your kitty gets bored.

Christmas Tree Watering Hole

While it might seem harmless, the water stored at the tree’s base becomes “infused” with harmful toxins. Chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides can be poisonous to animals.

If ingested, your cat could experience nausea, vomiting, or worse. Plus, stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Covering the water bowl with aluminum foil is a good option to keep cats out of the tree water!

Poisonous Holiday Plants

Holiday plants create beautiful arrangements that are beautiful to look at, but dangerous for cats.

Whether it’s the spiky leaves from the holly branches, poisonous berries from the mistletoe, or a bright red poinsettia bloom, ingesting these dangerous toxins can cause vomiting, drooling, smacking lips, and abdominal pain. Additionally, the spiny leaves will irritate their mouths and throat when swallowed.

As you are decking the halls, consider the artificial route, and opt for artificial plants made from silk or plastic.

Christmas Chaos

Cats are known for their nonchalant and aloof behaviors, so don’t be surprised if your cat acts rather indifferent to your houseguests. However, it’s important to create a space for your cat to retreat when it’s feeling overwhelmed.

Make this space a familiar and comfortable space for your cat with a soft bed, food, water, toys, and maybe a special Christmas treat.

If you suspect your cat has gotten into something dangerous, call your vet immediately. Our amazing staff is standing by to help you with your call.

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