News delivered by the Internet (TippNews DAILY for example) reaches a vast and growing demographic of Internet surfers who crave more news and information.  There is however a group of folks who by means of age or income status cannot and will not consume news delivered by a computer and the internet.

In an effort to reach this Tipp City demographic and share relevant, local news with all residents who receive local cable TV, I have opened up the Get Social! Radio Show feed to KIT-TV for re-broadcast.

About Get Social!

Get Social is an interactive, live Internet talk-radio show that highlights the activities of local businesses and organizations in Dayton and the Miami Valley. As the name implies, the broadcast is to help enable socialization of businesses with the community and their customers. Hosts Mike McDermott and Greg Enslen explore juicy, “behind-the-scenes” information about businesses across the Miami Valley as well as the ties that their special guests have to the community. Show host Greg Enslen also covers local entertainment, movies, gaming and a range of events planned during the month. A new addition to our staff is Joyell Nevins, our roving reporter from the Sunday Record Herald. Joyell adds “conversational news reporting” to our show’s 90 minute format.

KIT-TV will be re-broadcasting the show this week at the following times:
Tonight at 8:30PM and Thursday night at 6:00PM

Next week, Get Social! Radio is added to the regular KIT-TV rotation:
Monday’s at noon, Wednesday’s at 7:30PM and Saturday’s at noon.