Letter to the Editor – Tipp Schools Levy


Dear Editor,

“As the schools go, so goes the community”. I am a staunch fiscal conservative. Suffice it to say, I haven’t always been a strong proponent of school tax levies. If I see any waste and poor decision-making in my children’s school, then I can’t justify tightening the family budget to pay higher taxes. However, this time is different. Our state has dramatically cut school funding. I also think the Administration has “cut away the fat”. They have streamlined processes, reduced personnel, cut expenses, and consolidated resources as much as they could to reduce costs while continuing to meet educational needs. Tipp schools are now at a tipping point, beyond which I think there will begin a decline. If the levy does not pass, the District will be starved of funding needed for advanced classes, sports programs, and extracurricular activities. These are an integral part of a student’s education and can help a student pay for college.
My husband and I have seven children, ages 9 to 21. For many years we have had children in four of the five Tipp schools. I have both positive and negative things to say about our experiences, with more being positive. In the past I’ve been reluctant to vote for tax levies because I run a very tight financial budget at home. I am a stay-at-home mom and two of our children are now in college. I am always saying to my kids, “I don’t want to clip coupons, shop yard sales, and wash out sandwich bags to reuse, only to have our schools wasting money!” If we, as taxpaying households, are making daily sacrifices….we EXPECT our schools to be doing the same! But now our school district desperately needs this money to bridge the gap between the loss of state dollars and the rising costs and increased federally mandated expectations the District is required to meet. Compared to other districts, Tipp is very efficient—getting more done for less.
Sacrifices have been made, the budget is streamlined. With that said, I’d like to encourage our community to VOTE “YES” for the Tipp City School levy this May 7th. Our schools, our community, and our future depend on it!
Tami Kueterman


  1. Cant agree with you on this one. Ask the school how many coaches AND asst coaches we have. Do we need a golf coach AND an asst coach? a bowling coach and an asst? a baseball coach and an asst, etc etc etc. I do not believe the fat has been cut — I believe it has been moved around to be less conspicious.

    • Hmmnn… Given what I know about the stipends teachers get to coach, if all the coaches were eliminated completely, my guess is that the school would save at most 150K. Is that even a drop in the bucket compared to the millions the state has cut. Regarding moving money around to “hide it”, the detailed budgets are fully available for viewing. Maybe you could do a little research?

  2. When it comes to coaches, you have to have the supervision based on numbers, for starters. Then, so that everyone is safe legally and otherwise, you need 2 coaches present around the kids. Especially at offsite locations like bowling alleys and golf courses. Coaches’ stipends are low monetary wise, compared to responsibility and hours put forth.

    I think we can continue to be diligent in trying to be fiscally conservative, while giving the kids oppurtunities and a quality education. There has to be a point where, the schools finally just need more revenue because so much funding has been cut by the State.

    • I always thought the entire mission of a school system was to provide quality education for its students so that they may learn to become upstanding members and contributors to society. Not to provide extracurricular activities such as sports. Extracurricular activities such as sports should not be a burden upon the taxpayer to fund, they should be a burden upon the parents of students who wish to participate in sports to fund. Tipp schools had to build the Taj Mahal of high schools (of which a large portion of this school is dedicated towards sports) without the fiscal foresight to evaluate what their needs would be in the future for the simple operating costs of the school system. I’m pretty sure that no student from the Tipp school district has ever made a living playing sports and probably never will. Enough is enough with the taxes and mismanagement of money with this school system. That’s why I will be voting no in May

  3. This election is about John Kronour and his desire to make
    Tipp City Schools just like Oakwood Schools.
    Dr. Krounour turned down a position someplace else as superintendent a
    little over a year ago then stated he is dedicated to the Tipp City School
    District. A few months later he applied
    for the superintendent position with Oakwood.
    He did not get the position but wants to spend money like Oakwood. We really do not know who is going to lead
    our school since it is proven Dr. Kronour wants out. There are projections that the State of Ohio
    will increase their spending to Tipp City schools 1.4 and then 1.6 over the
    next two years. Dr. Kronour has plans to
    move the football stadium and even build a swimming pool at the high
    school. He cannot use these new funds
    but it can free up other funds for these projects. The district wants to pass a levy now because
    what they really want is to pass one to raise money for new schools. We do need new schools, lets save our tax
    money for that and the state can come in with more operating money.


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