Milton-Union High School Yearbook Editor

Courtesy of the Weekly Record Herald; Printed 5.13.12

WEST MILTON – Milton-Union High School has been feeling prom fever this last week. April 30-May 4 was Prom Promise Week, culminating in prom May 5.
Each day of the week there were various events to get students involved and aware of what they were promising, which meant concentrating on making wise choices. The main events were held during the two lunch periods each day of the week.
On Monday, the first activity was a game that included whipped cream and bubble gum. The participants had to use only their mouths to dig into a bowl of whipped cream to find the piece of gum and blow a bubble.
The next day the game was called “Egg on Your Head.” Two students competed with one another to keep a plastic egg on their head and walk a certain distance. Continuing on Wednesday, the game was called “Feather Blowing,” in which two contestants each blew a feather across the stage in the cafeteria to get it across a certain point.
On Thursday, the challenge for the day was to how keep a feather in the air longer than the competitor. Then on Friday, the game was a McDonald’s hamburger eating contest. This was the game that many were looking forward to and participated in.
Throughout all the fun activities, the focus that was continuously brought to the center of attention was that everyone needed to be safe on prom night. When purchasing tickets for prom, students were asked to sign a paper discussing that they would make good decisions and keep their fun-filled evening safe.
Prom was held May 5 for the last time in the high school gym. As always, it was the junior class’ responsibility to decorate the gym according to a theme they chose. This year the theme was “New York.”
Students had a wonderful time and afterwards they had the opportunity to attend after-prom at Club 55.
The weekend was very exciting and many students made good decisions while keeping their previous week and promises in mind.


Canyon Spicer and Wesley Biser compete in the hamburger eating contest on the last day of Milton-Union High’s Prom Promise Week