Thursday, May 23, 2024

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M-U Prevails 37-34 By Brett Barnes Walter Cannon’s theory called the “Fight or Flight Response” states that animals react to threats with a general discharge of...

Rivalry Rematch

By Brett Barnes -Waynesville 21, Milton-Union 17 Two short weeks ago, the Spartans of Waynesville High School defeated the Milton-Union Bulldogs 49-21 for the SWBL title....

Spartans Deserve All the Creditt

-Spartan QB Luke Creditt leads Waynesville. Two proud programs stood toe to toe and battled for the SWBL Buckeye Division title on Friday in Waynesville,...

Offensive Display Too Much For Dogs

-Spartans score 63 in victory. October 22, 2010 Memorial Stadium, West Milton, OH If you had told head coach Bret Pearce before the game that the...

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