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Events, activities and other hometown items going on in and around Tipp City, Ohio by Greg Enslen

Tipp City Area Community Foundations    

The Distribution Committee of the Tipp Area Community Foundations held their quarterly meeting in December and awarded over $24,000 in grants to six different local and area organizations. Since 1943, the Foundation has been awarding grants to local and area organizations.

Groups that received grants last quarter included:

  • the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, in support of their efforts to bring music into Tipp City schools, including classroom lessons and concerts;
  • Tipp Monroe Community Services, in support of their Band Instruments Program, which provides instruments for students who  might otherwise not be able to afford to play’;
  • Tipp City Area Arts Council, in support of their program to bring more music to the downtown with their Canal Music Festival; and
  • We Care Arts, which funds two separate programs for students with disabilities “with the goal of alleviating the isolation and boredom that some of these students feel.”

Other groups that received smaller grants included Bethel Local Schools, the Indian Creek 4-H Club, Miami County Recovery Council, and Tipp City Exempted Village Schools.

Thanks to the foundation, its board members, and its donors for continuing to make such a positive and important contribution to our community.

Tipp City TV

Every wish you could watch TV shows dedicated to Tipp City, or enjoy old episodes of the Get Social Show?  At TippCityTV.com, I’ve created what is essentially a 24-hour TV station dedicated to Tipp City. I uploaded a smattering of Tipp City videos and other segments.  I’ve also included some old movies and TV shows, and added pages for up-to-date news and weather.

Speaking of TV

There is some really good TV coming back in mid-January, including a few shows that I’m very excited about:

  • 30 Rock (January 12) – Back for season six, Liz Lemon has a secret.  She’s relaxed and happy, so naturally everyone on the set of the fictional “Girlie Show with Tracy Jordan” is worried about her.  Hey, it’s New York – happy is just unnatural, right? Oh, and Jenna signs up to judge an American-Idol style show.  Sign me up.
  • Undercover Boss (January 15) – I love this show, if only to see CEOs of major corporations picking lettuce or trying to learn how to drive forklifts.  A classic fish-out-of-water exercise.
  • Justified (January 17) – you do not want to be a criminal around U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens.  He thinks he’s a cowboy, but he also thinks he’s personally in charge of making the world a better place, so criminals and deadbeats and anyone he doesn’t like would be best served by moving to another state.  Returning to his home town after serving for years in other parts of the country, Raylan has reconnected with family and friends but found an interesting foil in childhood friend .  And last year’s stunning cliffhanger, with a long moment where Raylan shared a drink with a criminal and we waited to find out which glass had been poisoned, highlighted the amazing writing on this show.  If you like good writing—I’m talking to you, Breaking Bad/Sopranos/Deadwood fans—you will love this show and end up going back and ordering all of the old episodes from NetFlix.
  • Royal Pains (January 18) – this show about a concierge doctor and his practice in the sunny Hamptons is the perfect anti-dote for cold weather.  Hank Lawson and his brother Evan run the kind of doctor’s practice that used to be common—he makes housecalls! Of course, his clients can afford it, but Hank still manages to run into some crazy diagnoses.  Check out the show for the gorgeous locations shots and stay for the characters, especially Divia, Hank’s physician assistant.
  • American Idol (January 18) – Last year was interesting, with Simon gone and two new faces in Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler joining Randy Jackson in the “let’s find a star” juggernaut show.  This is the 11th season, so it will be interesting to see if they can keep the audience that tuned in last year, expecting a train wreck, only to find a panel of judges that jelled surprisingly fast.  Now if they could only find an actual American Idol – it’s been a long time since they found an outstanding singer.  And isn’t that what the show is supposed to be about?
  • Smash (February 6) – starring Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston and American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee, this tune-filled drama explores the harried launch of a Broadway show and the players involved, each fighting for a moment in the spotlight.  I don’t usually enjoy musicals but this looks good—I love behind-the-scenes shows.
  • The River (February 7) – ABC is taking a crack at the horror/suspense crowd with this thriller about a famous explorer who goes missing in the Amazon.  His wife and son set out with a documentary crew to find the explorer, but everything is not as it seems along the dark river.  It’s supposed to be scary and suspenseful, which I like, as opposed to gory and bloody (I’m talking to you, Walking Dead – come on!), which I do not like.  Check out the trailer on ABC.com and get some sleep now…while you still can.

Ginghamsburg Church Hosts Family Flick

The folks out at Ginghamsburg Church are hosting a Family Flick Night on January 20, when they’ll be presenting the family animated movie “Rio.” Admission is free, but they ask that you help support their New Path Food Pantry by bringing along a canned food item as a donation for each person in your group.

If you have questions, please see the church website at www.ginghamsburg.org or call Kelly Flora at 667-1069, extension 260.

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