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Farewell, Sgt. Mauro

Every week, the first thing I do when I pick up the Tippecanoe Gazette is flip to the Police Blotter and read the lengthy and excellent article written by Sgt. Mauro.  I enjoy reading about what’s going on in Tipp City and what challenges the local police force is facing on a daily basis to keep us safe and sound here in Tipp.

I’m glad that Sgt. Mauro is staying on to continue writing the column—I don’t know what I’d do without his wit and banter about some of the crazy situations and hi-jinks that happen around town.  And when tragedy strikes, such as the tragic death last week of the woman out north of town, it’s good to hear from the police how things transpired.

I was concerned to read about the youth who threatened the High School Principal last week, making “threatening moves” and telling people that he was interested in harming him.  But as I went on and read more of the article, I understood a crucial fact about small towns and small-town police forces—they knew who this kid was, and held dealt with him on multiple occasions, and for some reason that made me feel safer and more confident that the situation would be handled expertly and rationally.  I read about incidents happening in other cities and towns and I have to think that a history between this kid and our local law enforcement is a good thing—it could serve to calm nerves and keep the situation from getting out of hand.

It also helps that the police know this kid and it sounds like they have been working with the kid and his family over the past few years.

Skate Park Needs Update?

Do we need to update the skate park ramps in Kyle Park? Tipp City resident skateboard guru Cody Rowlands was in front of the Parks Board last week looking for support in his quest to get the Kyle Park skate area upgraded or updated.  I personally never see any skateboarders on that equipment—usually it’s just little kids playing on it and sliding around.  And I personally find the equipment a little “sharp and rusty” for my kids—on the rare occasions they play on it, I watch them carefully.  I’m not sure how old the equipment is or what needs to be done about it, but I’m happy to hear kids and youth engaging with the City folks to get their voice heard.  Go Cody!

Tippecanoe Farmer’s Market Needs Help

The Market Committee got together last week and started the process of distributing the 2012 Application Packets, so drop me a line if you want one.  And we REALLY need volunteers as a couple of our folks dropped off the committee this year—if you have some free time and can help out, please let me know.  I guarantee you’ll have a blast!

It’s hard to believe, but our happy group has already started meeting about this year’s Tippecanoe Farmers’ Market.  Going into our sixth season (can you believe it?), we’re gearing up to distribute Application Packets to our past vendors and anyone new interested in setting up and selling foods or other items at our Market.  I’ll have more news as it becomes available, but for now you can check out the website at www.tippecanoefarmersmarket.com, which lists all of last year’s vendors, along with the 2011 Application and the rules for being part of the Market.  I don’t think the application will change much, but wait until we post the 2012 one before your fill it out and submit it.  No need to do things twice!

If you know anyone interested in vending, or are interested yourself, please contact me and we’ll get you on the list for an application.  We’re also looking for volunteers, especially to help us set up and break down the Market each week. Interested in helping out? Want to meet some new people and get involved in the community? We could use you!

The 2012 Market is scheduled to begin in June and run through September on Saturday mornings in downtown Tipp City. We’ll feature fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and other items from a great group of vendors. See you at the Market!

The Get Social Show is Back!

The Get Social! Radio Show is back on the air again after taking almost a whole year off.  Mike McDermott and I took some time off to pursue our other myriad interests– I wrote a couple of books, and Mike ran for and won a City Council seat—but we’re back on the air on Fridays at noon now, airing live on our website.

Mike McDermott and I host the weekly radio show, where we cover a variety of Tipp City-related topics, including local guests, funny stories and commentary (at least we hope it’s funny), and a round-up of local events and activities.

Check out the website at www.getsocialradio.com – it’s got a calendar for information on upcoming shows and guests, along with the Listen Live option that broadcasts the show directly to your computer when we’re on the air.

We’re also gearing up for more guests and are looking for folks from local businesses and groups to come on the show. Interested in being a guest? Use the “Contact Me” page at my website (see below) and let us know what you’d like to cover and we’ll try to get you booked.

Check In With Me

Hear something interesting for “Tipp Talk?” Visit my website at www.gregenslen.com and drop me a line using the “Contact Me” page. And don’t worry—I won’t quote you unless you want me to!


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