TV Talk – Fall TV Season Week 2


by Greg Enslen, 09/26/12

I’m a big fan of television. Last week, I covered some upcoming shows and will highlight a few more—I’m not covering everything, just pointing out some shows that I think might be worth your time. And although there isn’t currently a show on Fox called “When Goldfish Attack,” you still need to be careful or you’ll get sucked into a Bridezillas marathon—or ANOTHER episode of “The X Factor.” But there is good TV out there…

One Good Example

When it comes to doctors and cops and lawyers, haven’t there been enough of these shows? I used to think so. I was a fan of “ER” when it came on, but when the broadcast channels began airing the eleventieth series starring a “conflicted doctor following his own rules” or some such claptrap, I gave up.

But just when I’d given up on lawyers shows, along came last year’s “Suits” on USA, a refreshing twist on the concept. Yes, it takes place in a law firm; yes, all the women are beautiful and all the men go-getters. The twist here is that the lead character, Mike Ross, isn’t a lawyer-he’s never passed the bar or even attended law school.

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